Saturday, April 08, 2006

I am begining a new stage of self renewal. New school new enviroment, new subjects at the opposite end of study chain to pick up and a chance to set old records straight. Got to try keeping the good things new and keeping new experiences fresh. Moving forward is never easy, the inertia holds you back, the doubts clouds your mind and the incessant pangs to retreat back into your comfort zone is amazingly strong. Yet people find strength and fortitude to move on. I hope I've found mine.

Well i've found out the hard way that dreams don't always turn out the way your imagination presents them to be and aspirations can be crushed at a single turn of event. Given a rude awakening by being kicked out of JC life. Tried retiring into solitude, got scolded instead for idling my life away. Huge paradigm shift came crashing in like a boot to the face. And the funny thing is that you have to learn to face up to it. No matter the boot size.

Well at least i finally found the reason to face up to it, and thanks to a few concerned fellows helped out in ironing out that pathetic transition mode of mine. I am finally ready to put the boot to the road and start again. enough with the boot anology im going to bed! hellow earth